Cardinal Wolves

The Cardinal Wolves are an established brotherhood of bounty hunters, known throughout the continent as reliable, dependable hunters.

Generally well respected, they have a high presence. Higher ranking members are able to avoid local laws in regards to apprehension of a bounty.
Most major settlements will have a base of operations, with wanted posters and bounty payouts.

They all wear a wolf symbol – a metal pin coded by color based on reputation.

Silver – first rank. The rank awarded to those newly recruited, or those who have yet to establish themselves within the brotherhood.
Gold – second rank. Those recognized as exceptional hunters. They have more rights in towns regarding capture of bounties.
Purple – third rank. Captain status. Elite hunters, and are very respected. Local law enforcement may defer to them. Bigger towns may have a purple rank running the bounty office.
Red – fourth rank. Guild Master.

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Cardinal Wolves

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